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Download The Night Of The Following Day

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Two men kidnap a girl off the streets, take her to a beach house owned by a drug-addicted stewardess, and hold her for ransom.

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original title: The Night of the Following Day

genge: Action,Crime,Drama,Thriller

imdb: 6.1

duration: 1h 33min

tags: Because of the unusual ending no one will be admitted during the final 14 minutes!

budget: $1,500,000

keywords: ransom, seaside, parisfrance, kidnapping, neonoir, basedonnovel, beach, criminal, heroin, redwine, policeofficerkilledbyfemale, policeofficershotintheback, policeofficershot, policeofficer, womanshoti

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Things start to go wrong for a group of criminals after they kidnap a young heiress and hold her for ransom at a beach house in France. Fighting among the co-conspirators boils over shortly after the ransom is picked up, leading to a violent end for most. Two men kidnap a girl off the streets, take her to a beach house owned by a drug-addicted stewardess, and hold her for ransom. To call this movie "bad" is to pay it a compliment. There are superlatives, however: the worst musical score ever…worst-ever wig for Marlon (runner-up: Rita Moreno)…worst-ever ill-conceived kidnap plot and the list goes on. It's fortunate that this was not Marlon Brando's first role because it might have short-circuited an otherwise brilliant career.This movie was not a dream, but a nightmare. The only redeeming feature for me was that it was a free movie available on the Comcast cable network.

The picture was so "European" that you get a greater appreciation of the abilities of the boys in Hollywood.

This is a very short review, but it's more than the movie deserves. Dear Hubert Cornfield,

your film was a tense hostage drama with a very European feel. I say European feel because the film was quite slow and you took a lot of time with the scenes. The title sequence with the gorgeous Pamela Franklin simply dozing is an example of this. There were hardly any dialogs in the first 30 minutes. And it was set in Paris too.

It was a great idea to place most of the action in a beach cottage. The sound of waves as the characters fought with each other and the tension grew was nice to listen to. Nothing like the sound of waves in a film. I don't think you used the setting to its full potential.

Some of the things that created tension between the gang of kidnappers were a bit silly and clichéd. Like Richard Boone who was a bit psychotic. Why did they involve him in their plot in the first place? Rita Moreno's drug problem and her actions after she sniffs cocaine were also a bit hard to digest. These character deficiencies seemed to be uninspired. But then, they all sort of explain themselves in the end when it is revealed that this was all Pamela Franklin's premonitory dream. What was up with that ending? Jeez, who thought that up?

Rita Moreno as the drug addicted air hostess was sexy as hell. Brando had a few opportunities to show his histrionic skills. His body language was great as usual. This film was made before he started to put on weight. But his blonde hair was a bit ridiculous. Richard Boone as the psychotic gangster and Jess Hahn as the level headed gang member who keeps it all together were very respectable. Pamela Franklin did not have much to do except look scared and show off her fat thighs.

The film never really rises above a certain level. But the beautiful actors, the locales and the interesting background score makes this film worth a watch.

Best Regards, Pimpin.



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